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by Don Boudreaux on October 18, 2010

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My friend Gerry Nicholls shoots fish in a barrel by taking on the nitwittery known as “food sovereignty.”  Unfortunately, these fish – although in a barrel – are amazingly adroit; they deserve to be shot by crack marksmen such as Gerry.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, the always-eloquent Mary Anastasia O’Grady calls upon Chileans to free more than just trapped miners – free the entrepreneurs as well (which will result in freeing consumers).

Here and here, the indispensable Steve Landsburg challenges Paul Krugman’s fabricated claim that government spending of late hasn’t increased significantly.

Bob Higgs knows what’s shovel-ready and what’s not – and what’s being shoveled!

Bob Murphy puts the Austrian theory of the business cycle to the test against Paul Krugman.  (HT Greg Ransom)

Alan Schram, writing at the Huffington Post, understands the advantages of a strong dollar.

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, a former president of the Cleveland Fed, Jerry Jordan, explains why deficit-financed ‘stimulus’ is ‘stagflationary.’  (I beg the ghost of my late professor Fritz Machlup to forgive me for using this word.)


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