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Wrenches for Wenches!

Here’s a letter to the New York Times:

You report that economist Barbara Bergmann is “calling for ‘a revival of affirmative action to get women into the better-paying blue-collar jobs'” (“White House Promotes Economic Efforts for Women,” Oct. 22).  Prof. Bergmann’s rationale, in her own words, is that “Most of the advances women have made have been in the professions and business management.”

This is a problem, what with women getting all those professional jobs and not as many opportunities to toil in factories and in mines.  But it’s a problem also for men: over the past several decades, most of the new jobs created for men – as for women – have been in the professions and business management.

Clearly, these facts are disturbing evidence that American manufacturers are biased against human beings.  Because the bulk of blue-collar work in the recent past has gone disproportionately to inanimate machines, only one conclusion is possible: U.S. manufacturing firms are run by bigoted executives with an irrational fear and hatred of people.

Something must be done.

Donald J. Boudreaux

(HT to Greg Staff for the title of this post)


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