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Some Links

In this short discussion with ReasonTV’s man-in-black, Nick Gillespie, the Wall Street Journal‘s intrepid Mary Anastasia O’Grady explains why Latin America needs freer trade – and drug legalization.

Paul Jacob offers common sense – both his own and that of Arnold Kling – to explain how to determine if government workers are overpaid.

This month’s Immigration Reform Bulletin from Cato, by Stuart Anderson, deals with one of my pet-peeves in the debate over immigration.  Quoting Stuart: “One of the most common accusations hurled against illegal immigrants is the rhetorical question, ‘Why can’t they just wait in line?’ The problem for lower-skilled workers is that no such line exists. For example, if an employer were to ask, “How does one obtain a legal visa for an employee to work as a maid full time at a hotel or as a waiter at a restaurant?” the short answer would be, ‘There is no such visa for those jobs.'”  Read the whole thing.

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry offers data showing that the U.S. economy remains the world’s most prodigious manufacturer.