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Driving Home the Economic Irrelevance of Borders

Unlike last year, I didn’t geaux and watch this year’s Super Bowl.  The reason is that George Selgin was in town and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have dinner with him yesterday.  (We both enjoyed seafood gumbo, fried shrimp, and red beans ‘n’ rice at the newly opened The Cajun Experience in D.C.)

But reader David DeRemer sent me a link to this Super Bowl ad by Chrysler, the signature line of which is “Imported from Detroit.”  David asks:

Does this ad imply Chrysler recognizes the parallel between intercity commerce and international commerce?

David’s question is spot-on, wise, and relevant: why should folks living in New Orleans or Seattle be applauded if they import cars from Detroit but slapped with additional taxes if they import cars from Munich or Seoul?  No reason that I can think of.

To those of you who do believe that American drivers have some sort of obligation to favor purchasing new cars made in America instead of purchasing new cars made outside of America, read this post from 2005.


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