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Some Links

Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal asks if Cuba will be the next Egypt.

John Tierney, science writer for the New York Times, explores the question of ideological bias in the academy.  (Boast: research by my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein is favorably mentioned in John’s essay.)

In this Center for Freedom & Prosperity video, Blayne Bennett explains why big government is bad government.

Troy Camplin weighs in provocatively on the unrest in Egypt.  (HT George Leef)

Writing in today’s Los Angeles Times, David Boaz exposes phony solutions for real social ills.

Truth on the Market’s Larry Ribstein skewers occupational licensing.

Bill Anderson is none-too-impressed with Paul Krugman’s assertion that north-African political unrest and currently rising food prices are “evidence” that global warming is finally taking its terrible toll on human existence.

Finally, two letters-to-the-editor by Cafe Hayek reader Matthew Curran are worth reading.  One is found here; the other here.