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George Leef responds to Paul Mattick’s dismal essay “Capitalism’s Dismal Future.

Thanks to EconLog’s David Henderson for pointing out this spot-on essay by Michael Kinsley – a writer always worth reading (even though I disagree with him about 80 percent of the time).

I love Heather Mac Donald.

Should antitrust regulators harass mobile-telephony providers over fees for texting?  Ryan Young rightly and wisely says “no.

Here’s Cato’s Michael Tanner on Obamacare.

TARP was no win for taxpayers – so argues my friend Paul Atkins and co-authors in the Wall Street Journal.

And here’s Pat Michaels on the Chevy Volt – a car that could have been produced by Atlas Shrugged Motors.  (HT Lyle Albaugh)


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