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People Like My Mom and Dad

My sister asked me to post again, on this Mother’s Day, this remembrance that I wrote for my mom when she died three years ago.

People such as my mom and dad would make far better government officials than do 99.5 out of every 100 such persons who hold, or who have ever held, elective political office.

But, of course, people like my mom and dad would never stoop to hold such office.  They would be appalled to be in a position to lord it over others, to spend other people’s money, and to lie and pose and double-talk and dissemble and rationalize and compromise their fundamental values and to do all the other shameful things that 99.5 percent of successful politicians do in order to win the gaudy ‘glory’ of office.

In short, my mom and dad were decent people.  And with only the rarest of exceptions, decent people don’t do politics (at least not successfully).