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‘Progressives’ Should Cheer

Here’s a letter to the Washington Post:

Re Kate Bronfenbrenner’s claim that Boeing’s plan to build some jetliners in South Carolina violates federal regulations (“A good case against Boeing,” June 23): whatever is Boeing’s motivation for expanding its operations in lower-wage South Carolina rather than in higher-wage Washington state, its expansion in South Carolina would modify a trend that you frequently insist is unraveling America’s social fabric – namely, growing income ‘inequality.’

By increasing the demand for lower-wage non-unionized workers while decreasing the demand for higher-wage unionized workers, the difference between the annual incomes of each of these groups of workers shrinks.  Incomes in America thereby become less ‘unequal.’

As if led by an invisible hand, Boeing is helping to reduce income ‘inequality.’

Donald J. Boudreaux