Dan “Bulldog” Mitchell has a few questions for protectionists.

CEI’s Ryan Young looks back even further in time at a Sears catalog.

In my latest Pittsburgh Tribune-Review column I argue that neither vulgar Keynesianism nor academic Keynesianism supplies as sound an explanation for the inadequacy of investment spending as does Bob Higgs’s theory of regime uncertainty.

AEI Resident Scholar Philip Levy made some important points about international trade in his Congressional testimony earlier this week.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, PERC’s Terry Anderson calls for a Green Tea Party.

Writing a few years back in London’s Sunday Times, Jamie Whyte made the case that “human rights” often lead to human wrongs.

Over at EconLog, Bryan Caplan argues that “that immigration increases diversity, which undermines solidarity, which mutes public support for the welfare state.

The doorbell rings.  (HT Mike Stetson)


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