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As Russ Says, There’s No Such Thing as a Kosher Ham Sandwich

Here’s a letter to the New York Times; I ignore in this letter Krugman’s head-scratching suggestion that green-energy is failing in the market in part because the cost of supplying it is falling too rapidly (Poor Solyndra; it just couldn’t keep pace with the falling costs of green energy):

Overlook Paul Krugman’s dubious suggestion that government can know today what will be the industries and energy sources of tomorrow (“Here Comes the Sun,” Nov. 7).  (If the cost of producing commercially viable energy from solar radiation really is falling as spectacularly as Mr. Krugman claims, surely private investors can make multiple mints, without subsidies extracted from taxpayers, bringing such energy to market.  And just as surely Mr. Krugman is already investing his own money in such efforts.)

Focus instead on Mr. Krugman’s complaint that the chief obstacle preventing ‘green’ energy from blossoming is “politics.”

It’s way-curious that people such as Mr. Krugman, who are most eager to entrust humankinds’ fate and fortune to politicians, so frequently complain that their dreams of Beautiful Tomorrows are forever being dashed by politics.  Do Mr. Krugman and his “Progressive” comrades not realize that politicians have no more prospect of being politics-free than holiday hams have of being kosher?

Donald J. Boudreaux