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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 11 of Ludwig Lachmann’s 1978 essay “An Austrian Stocktaking: Unsettled Questions and Tentative Answers,” Chapter 1 in Louis M. Spadaro, ed., New Directions in Austrian Economics (1978):

The market economy has never been without its critics and enemies.  Those who feel threatened by the market; those who, however unwisely, feel they could do better without it; economists with little imagination; those, like the devotees of Pareto optima, with only too much of it; those who find most entrepreneurs disgusting characters; those attracted by the romantic charm of a feudal order in which they never had to live; social thinkers offended by the raucous tone of modern advertising; and social thinkers who know only too well how to exploit envy and greed in the service of anticapitalistic movements – all these make a formidable array of opponents.