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Your Favorite EconTalk Guests of 2011

I asked you on Twitter to list your favorite EconTalk episodes of 2011. (You can follow me on Twitter at EconTalker.) Here are the guests (some of whom had multiple appearances) and the number of times they were mentioned as a favorite:

Munger (10), O’Donohoe (8), Hanson (6), Cowen (5), Taubes (5), Boudreaux (3), Caplan (3), Kaplan (3), Kling (3), Reinhart (3), Andresen (2), Baumeister (2), Deer (2), Johnson (2), Ramey (2), Avent, Byers, Dyson, Eichengreen, Frank, Harford, Hennessey, Jones, Otteson, Papola, Rosenberg, Satz, Tabarrok.

Not scientific, of course, but very helpful to me. Thanks for responding.