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Some Links

Sallie James continues to make the case for shutting down the Export-Import Bank.  Her case is unassailable.  Such corporate welfare – which is all that the Ex-Im Bank is in business to distribute – is both unethical and economically harmful.

Walter Williams draws our attention to this news story about government-school officials’ obnoxious behavior.  To say that government-school officials are out to lunch is a vast understatement.

Writing in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg eloquently challenges the absurd notion that government can mandate that health-care be free.  Here’s an especially good line from Goldberg’s column:

It’s amazing that [modern-day, i.e., anti-] liberals and libertarians can see eye to eye on ending federal bullying on the sale of raw milk, but liberals see no threats from a federal takeover of healthcare and the transformation of insurers into de facto branches of the government.

And here’s Steve Landsburg’s take on the farce of the Obama administration’s “accommodation.”

Bryan Caplan on Paul Krugman.

The Free to Choose Network offers this opportunity to do well by doing good during this year marking the centenial of the birth of Milton Friedman.

Wayne Crews proposes a swap – one mutually advantageous for all but many people in the political establishment.

Here’s Reason’s Shikha Dalmia on Ayn Rand and immigration.