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Some Links

Matt Mitchell, one of my colleagues at GMU’s Mercatus Center, weighs in on the mischief and resulting maladies of cronyism.  (Speaking of cronyism, I wish that I could share in Jonah Goldberg’s optimism that conservatives are becoming more ideologically principled in their support for free markets.)

Steve Horwitz also has valuable things to say about cronyism.

Wendy McElroy reflects on the institutions of freedom.  (HT Walter Grinder)

Think that the prices of food and fuel are unnecessarily higher than they should be?  Richard Rahn explains why you’re correct to think so.

Although written in 1998, this essay by Sue Blevins is a sobering reminder that friends of genuinely free markets ought not put much hope in the Republican party.

My friend and former NYU classmate Sandy Ikeda adds his insights to the explanation of why Pres. Obama and Elizabeth Warren are mistaken to suppose that, because government does X which (we can presume for argument’s sake) is beneficial to private entrepreneurs, then successful private entrepreneurs somehow owe a special, open-ended debt to government.

Here’s John Stossel on the riot of legislation that engulfs us.

Spending other-people’s money and the crisis in Greece: The Economist has some plane facts.