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Some Links

Cato’s Dan Ikenson properly praises a recent Washington Post editorial that was critical of the Obama administration’s eagerness to punitively tax Americans who buy Chinese-made solar panels.

And speaking of harmful restrictions on people’s freedom to trade, Gene Epstein – in his current Barron’s column – rightly laments that one of the big losers in Tuesday’s presidential debate was Adam Smith.

Bob Murphy discusses the debt-burden issue in his current American Conservative column.  (And many of his recent posts at Free Advice discuss the same.)

On this issue of the burden of the debt, I continue to insist that Jim Buchanan got it right.  In earlier posts (too numerous to mention here, but search in “Categories” under “Debt and Deficits“) I linked to some of Jim’s best work on this topic.  Here’s another: his very short article “Confessions of a Burden Monger,” which originally appeared in the October 1964 issue of the Journal of Political Economy.

My old buddy Tom Miller, and his co-author James C. Capretta, explain how Obamacare imposes heavy burdens upon the middle-class.

Reason’s Nick Gillespie and the New York Times‘s Charles Blow discuss the economy with CNN’s Susan Swain.

Behind on my reading, I only now found Sheldon Richman’s splendid lead essay in this month’s edition of Cato Unbound.

In his most recent column, George Will quotes, to good effect, Michael Greve: “‘Our politics,’ says Greve, ‘aims at inspiration on the cheap.‘”