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by Don Boudreaux on June 4, 2013

in Adam Smith, Books, Growth, Health, Monetary Policy, Nanny State, Regulation, Video

Diana Thomas (who, I’m proud to say, earned her PhD at GMU Econ) explains the median-voter theorem in this video from LearnLiberty:

Richard Rahn explains the prosperity-producing powers of liberating markets from state intervention.

Paul Jacob’s common sense tells him that the IRS should be abolished.  I agree.  (HT Kerry Dugas)

Go figure: The Wealth of Nations is number 4 on this week’s Washington Post best-seller list under non-fiction paperbacks.  (HT Jim Bennett)

Bob Murphy explains the economics of Bitcoin.

A worthwhile blast from the past: Radley Balko asks if a large number of obese citizens justifies obese government.

John Lott explains why gun control is more difficult than ever.

John Goodman explains what Paul Krugman doesn’t know about health-care.


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