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Bastiat Matters

The discussion about Bastiat continues over at Liberty Matters.  The latest entry, by David Hart – and entitled “What Might Bastiat Have Achieved If He Had Lived as Long as Karl Marx?” – is an especially good read.  A slice:

Of course, we will never know what might have happened, but I think it is interesting to speculate. In many respects Bastiat had a much broader experience of politics than Marx (having had real experience working in government in the Chamber of Deputies), and his understanding of economics was much deeper and had the significant advantage of being more correct than Marx’s. Thus, given his understanding of how political power and free markets really operated, he had, I think, the potential to have become “the Karl Marx of the classical-liberal movement,” which might have had profound implications for the course of history in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


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