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From the Monkey Cage

I’ve just started to read a book that I know will be both immensely entertaining and enlightening – From the Monkey Cage, by Andrew Heaton.  Here’s one of my favorite lines (so far); it’s on page 8:

[W]ealth is a question of multiplication, not division.

Earlier today I spent some time with Andrew, his lovely and talented girlfriend Naomi Brockwell, and several other liberty-loving folk (btw, thanks Frayda & Ken!).  Andrew observed that professional politicians are unique among professionals in denying membership in their profession. No electrician who arrives at your home to repair your electrical wiring announces that he’s emphatically not a professional electrician.  No physician whom you visit to set your broken leg or to relieve your hemorrhoids eagerly lies to you that she is most certainly not a professional physician.  Yet the typical professional politician is forever announcing that he or she is not a professional politician.

Ponder that reality!


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