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Tune in tomorrow (Saturday) evening – at 8:00pm EDT – to CSPAN2’s Book TV to watch the Independent Institute’s Bob Higgs, Anthony Gregory, and Mary Theroux discuss civil liberties in our age of terrorism.

John Taylor points us to yet more evidence that the sorry state of today’s labor market in the U.S. is due in significant part to what Bob Higgs calls “regime uncertainty.”  This problem ain’t nuthin’ that no higher aggregate demand is gonna fix.

Speaking of structural problems with the economy, here’s my GMU Econ and Mercatus Center colleague Pete Boettke on the importance of micro-structure and coordination.

Mark Perry shares some insights from the new U.S. job-market figures released earlier today.  A slice:

Temporary help employment increased in July to almost 2.7 million jobs, setting a new all-time record high for temporary and contract workers.

Hmmm….  I wonder what might explain this fact…..

My great GMU Econ colleague Walter Williams is disgusted by black self-sabotage.

Here’s my GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan on the likely mass persuasiveness of private corporations vs. academics.  A slice:

Reality check: Almost no one is eager to kill for his employer or favorite corporation.  Millions are eager to kill for their flag and country.  Business propaganda is kind of stupid, but academic propaganda is downright scary.

I could (but won’t now) pick some nits with this essay by Will Wilkinson on Jonathan Chait on Republicans and Democrats, but all in all Will’s essay is superb.

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