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My colleague Pete Boettke and GMU Econ doctoral student Kyle O’Donnell have just written a paper entitled “The Social Responsibility of Economists.”

Hats off to Marlo Lewis for finding and (re)posting this hilarious spoof of some of climate-change’s True Believers.  [Note: I have no strong feelings about the reality, the magnitude, or the cause(s) of climate change.  I’m not a climate scientist.  From what I read, I suspect that the earth’s temperature – however appropriately measured – has indeed risen somewhat over the course of the 20th century or so, although this temperature rise also seems to have stopped so far during the 21st century.  But whether or not this account is accurate, and regardless of cause(s), I have little doubt that bourgeois people operating in free, competitive, private-property-based markets will more than adequately deal with any problems – and take great advantage of any blessings – caused by climate change.  No plausible change in the earth’s temperature can possibly pose as great a hazard to humanity’s well-being as that posed by governments given great rein to ‘solve’ problems posed by changes in the earth’s temperature.]

Marlo’s post shares something with this post by Mike Munger.

Here’s the great Arnold Kling on mortgage-market ‘reform’ and the rent-seeking that will surely infect it.

Here’s an interview (in two parts) with Richard Ebeling on Austrian economics.  First and second.

Richard Rahn explains some of the harm caused by (overt as well as covert) protectionism – that is, some of the harm caused by policies used by governments to forcibly shrink the options open to their own citizens as consumers and as owners of businesses that buy inputs.

Art Carden on I, Beef Jerky.


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