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by Don Boudreaux on November 29, 2013

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About the current trend for political localities in the United States to raise their legislated minimum wages, Tyler Cowen correctly observes:

This is a classic instance of expressive voting at the expense of good economic policy.

Speaking of expressive preferences – and of how these preferences often are indulged to make the ‘expessers’ feel good about themselves regardless of the consequences such indulging has on other people – Mike Munger has more.

David Henderson (like Bob Murphy) will not join the Pigou Club.

The John Locke Institute’s Katherine Restrepo has more on the many ill-consequences of Obamacare.

Speaking of Obamacare, it won’t reduce health-care costs, according to my Mercatus Center colleague Charles Blahous.

Virginia Postrel – one of my very favorite thinkers and writers – advises Democrats (‘the mortals who these marvels can’t do’) to forget Camelot.

Bjorn Lomborg, writing a few weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal, debunks some myths about subsidies for fossil fuels.  (Subscription required.)


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