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Some Links

Arnold Kling (linking to Timothy Taylor) has some bad demographic news for libertarians.

Tyler Cowen (linking to a paper by psychologist Hal Pashler) has some challenging news for libertarians.

Greg Mankiw is unimpressed by the Pope’s economic analysis.

Bryan Caplan identifies yet another channel through which a legislated minimum wage reduces the employment options of low-skilled workers.

James Sherk and Patrick Tyrrell have more on the unfortunate consequences of minimum-wage legislation government prohibitions on the paid employment of very low-skilled workers.

Marty Mazorra (with an ideal insight from Scott Sumner) discusses trade with China.

Here’s Bret Swanson on our continuing innovation and growth.  A slice:

In the same way the Pilgrims were seeking more than material abundance, the digital economy’s fruits are not all measurable. Our digital world does not create a heaven on earth, but it does empower more people than ever before to express themselves more fully through work, commerce, art, science, community, and civic activism. It may not free oppressed nations, at least not immediately, but it does carry voices further and faster than before. It may not resolve persistent unemployment, but it does allow more people to pursue particular passions and match their talents with the world’s needs. It fuels the engine of knowledge creation and accumulation that we now believe is the basis of economic growth, not to mention the Aristotelian ideal.