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Some Links

I’m thrilled to learn that Kennedy and Reason’s Matt Welch will co-host a new show – “The Independents” – on the Fox Business channel.

Suppose you’re worried that health-care costs in your neighborhood will rise significantly.  Would it make economic sense for you – and would it be ethical for you – to prohibit all of your neighbors’ children who graduate from medical school from selling their services as physicians to people outside of your neighborhood?  Apply the same logic of your answer to questions about natural-gas suppliers.  I address this issue in this recent op-ed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy offers valuable insight into the logic of government.

Bob Murphy, in this month’s feature article over at EconLib, offers valuable insight into the logic of government.

David Henderson, over at EconLog, puts the United States government’s war against the Japanese government during the 1940s into better perspective.

Arnold Kling reflects on Edmund Phelps’s new book, Mass Flourishing.