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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 128 of the 2004 Liberty Fund edition of the late Arthur Seldon’s 1994 book, The State Is Rolling Back (original emphasis); as Alberto Mingardi explains in his latest post at EconLog, Seldon was a great force for free markets and true liberalism in his native Britain:

Some pooh-pooh the idea that people may like to provide for themselves.  But half a million children [in Great Britain] are in private schools, 6 million [Brits] own their own homes, 1.5 million are covered by insurance for health services, and over ten million are saving for retirement through private pensions schemes.  These numbers could have grown much faster.  We simply do not know how many million more would want to do all these things for themselves instead of paying taxes and having officials to do them, because there is no free choice.


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