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Hayekian thoughts on the Red Sox opener

From Gordon Edes:

These Red Sox are good, very good. They are likely to be playing again in the postseason, though it is more likely they do so as a wild-card entry than a runaway division winner. They could well become the first team to repeat as World Series champions since the Yankees won three straight (1998-2000).

But as to what happens in October, who knows whether Torii Hunter catches that ball this time and the bullpen cop hangs his head instead of thrusting his hands in the air? That this October, Miggy Cabrera is healthy or Albert Pujols becomes the hitting monster he once was or Justin Verlander or David Price or Michael Wacha shut the Sox down? You cannot predict such events; you might as well try to pinpoint when the tectonic plates shift again on the Puente Hills fault. You marvel at the audacity, at the commitment, at the striving, but if you have any sense, you let the final outcome reveal itself, rather than pretending to know.

I love it when a sportswriter admits no pretence of knowledge.


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