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by Don Boudreaux on April 1, 2014

in Crony Capitalism, Hubris and humility, Inequality, Property Rights, Taxes, War

David Henderson exposes a peculiar, but oddly common, breed of the ad hominem argument.

My colleague Bryan Caplan speaks wisely and well about foreign policy – and about the many pundits and politicians who propound their notions of what that policy should be.

Gary Burtless summarizes some data on real incomes in America.  (HT Greg Mankiw)  Although many of these data should please supporters of the redistributive state, those supporters too frequently seem displeased.

Other thoughts on income inequality.

Bill Shughart isn’t impressed by the sales pitches used for certain taxes.

Daniel Hannan discusses French politics.  (HT Dan Klein)

Tim Carney highlights some horrors of eminent domain.


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