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Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 83-84 of Leonard Read’s 1975 volume, The Love of Liberty (original emphasis):

When liberty prevails, every individual in the entire population is free to bring persons and other scarce resources into complementary and workable combinations.  Reflect on our varied talents.  If we approach the matter properly, we come to note our own lack of most of the talents known to man.  I, for instance, could no more bring musicians and instruments together to form an orchestra than I could bring technicians and tools together to release atomic energy or to deliver the human voice at the speed of light.  But look around; there are millions who can and do bring individuals and other resources into association that render a fantastic service of all sorts to King Consumer.  And, when liberty prevails so does competition, a constructive force that assures that the efficient servants rise to serve all of us better.