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Some Links

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy asks: Where’s the innovation in health care?  A slice:

Consider how the precautionary principle affected the innovative genomics testing company 23andme. Last November, the Food and Drug Administration ordered the company to stop marketing its product. Why? Because 23andme had not sufficiently kissed the regulatory emperors’ ring. Like a jealous frenemy, the FDA was miffed that the company had not sought and obtained permission from the agency since May of that year. Meanwhile, Americans in need of genetic information simply must suffer.

Few public policies inspire as many resoundingly bad arguments in their favor as does minimum-wage legislation.  Cato’s Tom Firey looks at one of the worst of these bad arguments.  (HT Tim Townsend)

Also from Cato: K. William Watson exposes yet another instance of a business, cloaking its rent-seeking as a concern for the public, pleading for special privileges from government.

My late colleague Jim Buchanan always admired the Italians’ panache for public finance.  (HT Alice Temnick)

Alberto Mingardi lets my colleague Tyler Cowen advise him on dining out.

Speaking of Tyler, here he offers some guidance on problems, uncovered by the Financial Times, with Thomas Piketty’s numbers.

Rachel Greszler and James Sherk examine the alleged ‘gender gap’ in wages.