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Some Links

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains (in my words) that the Patriot Act makes Uncle Sam more like a terrorist.  A slice:

The Patriot Act is the most unconstitutional legislation since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which proscribed speech critical of the government, yet the FBI loves it. Its premise is that in dangerous times, if we surrender our freedoms to the government, the government will keep us safe until the danger passes. This is a flawed argument. The Declaration of Independence recognizes the continuous possession of personal freedoms (“endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights”), and thus they cannot be stolen by a majority vote in Congress, but only surrendered by a personal, intentional, knowing choice. History teaches that government does not return freedoms once stolen or surrendered. Without freedom, who will protect us from the government?

Sheldon Richman and the Future of Freedom Foundation will host, on October 21st, a free webinar on America’s antimilitarist libertarian tradition.

Here’s an opportunity for students to help the great Institute for Justice identify and call out government abuses.

David Henderson on Jean Tirole.

With the help of Milton Friedman and Deirdre McCloskey, James Pethokoukis explains why Barack Obama doesn’t understand what markets are or why they work.

Stewart Dompe and Adam Smith, two GMU Econ PhDs, now teaching at Johnson & Wales University, explain how government interventions on the consumer-credit front are resurrecting long-dead retailing practices from the past – practices that consumers would not endorse but for the fact that government has now stripped them of better options.