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Some Links

The Free To Choose Network’s new program, Suffer No Fools – a wonderful documentary of the life (so far!) of my great colleague Walter Williams – airs on Tuesday, October 28th, at 6:00pm (and again at 12:00am on Oct. 29th) on two Tucson public-television stations: KUAT, channel 6, and KUAS, channel 27.

David Friedman argues that, despite some claims to the contrary, his father, Milton Friedman, likely would not today support a carbon tax.

Here’s a great interview at Spiked with Reason’s Nick Gillespie.  (HT Walter Grinder)

Over at EconLog, Art Carden has some questions for Princesses Anna and Elsa.

James Pethokoukis ponders the effect of minimum-wage legislation on restaurant jobs.

Speaking of minimum-wage legislation: three different people sent me this short post by Thomas Lifson on Charlie Crist commenting on raising the minimum wage.  One of my correspondents said “At least Gov. Crist admits there’s a cost to workers of the minimum wage and he’s willing to pay it.”  I wrote back to my correspondent, pointing out that Mr. Crist will not pay that cost; rather, Mr. Crist is willing to force others – namely, many low-skilled workers – to bear that cost.

Sarah Skwire on fear of plague.