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Jon Murphy has located the source of some blog-commenters’ comments.

George Will rightly encourages GOP members of Congress to help Obama pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.  (No such agreement is a genuine free-trade agreement, of course, but such agreements – for all of their faults and with all of their warts – do tend to make trade freer than it would likely otherwise be.)  A slice:

You who are reading this column probably have a chronic, indeed incurable trade deficit with your barber or hair dresser. You regularly buy what he or she sells, yet he or she never buys anything from you. But things somehow work out. As they do between nations, because as the late Robert Bartley, editor of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, once wrote, “International transactions are always in balance, by definition.”

In this podcast, Tom Palmer and David Boaz discuss David’s new book, The Libertarian Mind.

My Mercatus Center colleague Andrea Castillo asks if robots will take all of our jobs.

In this essay from 2002, Chris Lingle discusses the inhumanity of population control.

Jared Dillian reflects on the anthropology of finance.  (HT Terry O’Connor)

Those of you who believe that the benefits of the “war on drugs people who choose to use intoxicants that government officials disapprove of” exceed the costs, read this item.  (HT Tim Townsend)

Especially for those of you who believe that Charles and David Koch are insincere in their commitment to make markets free (including free of special privileges and other aspects of cronyism), here’s a report from, of all places, Mother Jones.

Here’s a video of a session – one featuring, among others, my colleagues Pete Boettke and Dick Wagner – from a late-2013 conference at GMU’s School of Law on the works of Armen Alchian, James Buchanan, and Robert Bork.  (HT Pete Boettke)


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