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Some Links

David Henderson, over at EconLog, again writes wisely about the unintended dangers to Americans of Uncle Sam’s interventionist foreign policies.

Also over at EconLog, Alberto Mingardi rightly celebrates the 60th anniversary of the founding of London’s Institute of Economic Affairs.

Speaking of the IEA, here’s a video celebrating its proud history:

George Will’s understanding of what ails Greece is deep.  A slice:

It cannot be said too often: There cannot be too many socialist smashups. The best of these punish reckless creditors whose lending enables socialists to live, for a while, off of other people’s money. The world, which owes much to ancient Athens’ legacy, including the idea of democracy, is indebted to today’s Athens for the reminder that reality does not respect a democracy’s delusions.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is correct: “Virtually nothing [Donald] Trump says is worth hearing.

Bretigne Shaffer writes on Billy Rainbow and the sexual-justice warriors.

Finally, on this Father’s Day I link again to the tribute that I wrote to my dad soon after he died in April 2009.


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