My Mercatus Center colleagues Veronique de Rugy, Nita Ghei, and Michael Wilt argue that that great geyser of cronyism, the U.S. Export-Import Bank, should not be resurrected.

The market is a process – a reality that, by encouraging market-improving innovations, reduces the alleged need for government intervention to improve the operation of markets.  Fred Foldvary and Eric Hammer explain in this new paper from the Mercatus Center.

I thank my colleague Alex Tabarrok for putting up at Marginal Revolution my recent Everyday Economics video on so-called ‘fair trade’ – and for the accompanying quotation from William MacAskill.

At today I argue that Uncle Sam should abolish his prohibition on oil exports from the land of the free.  (There are other arguments to be made, and elaborations on the arguments that here are made.  But space for an op-ed is small.)

Richard Ebeling argues for the fundamental freedom to move.

David Henderson is adding more of his excellent biographies of economists to his indispensable Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.


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