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3 of 30 Under 30!

Three people on the newly released Forbes list of “30 Under 30” – Forbes‘s list of the 30 most influential people in 2016, under the age of 30, in American law and policy – are affiliated with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.  That’s a full ten percent from Mercatus alone!

Two (Andrea Castillo and Chris Koopman) are outstanding scholars who work directly for Mercatus; the third (Liya Palagashvili) is an Assistant Professor of Economics at SUNY-Purchase, a Law & Econ Fellow at NYU’s Classical Liberal Institute, and an Affiliated Scholar at Mercatus.  While pursuing her PhD in Econ at GMU Liya was a Mercatus PhD fellow.  I boast that I – along with my colleagues Pete Boettke, Chris Coyne, and Pete Leeson – served on Liya’s dissertation committee.

(Note to Liya: I boast also that mine was among the voices that beseeched you to pursue a career as an economist rather as a lawyer – I am glad successfully so!)