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Juan Carlos Cachanosky

Sad news.  The talented Argentine liberal economist Juan Carlos Cachanosky died at the too-young age of 62 on New Year’s eve.  This loss is great.  The entire world has in it too few genuine liberals, and Latin America has even fewer (although the liberals who are there, such as was Cacha, are especially impressive).  Losing any liberal before his or her time is a blow to the cause of freedom.  The blow is doubly or triply or quadruply tragic when that liberal is as energetic and as learned as was Cacha.

I leave to others who knew Cacha better than I knew him to offer more details on his life well spent.  I end by saying that the dozen or so times, over the past 20 years, that I’ve been in his presence, I always learned and was inspired.  I will miss him.  More significantly, liberalism will miss him.


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