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Some Links

Jeff Tucker reviews The Big Short.

Doug Bandow calls on Americans to aid Syrian refugees – here and abroad.

Even the gentle Timothy Taylor is made angry by Paul Krugman.

George Will bids adieu to 2015.  A slice:

[In 2015] We learned that a dismal threshold has been passed. The value of property that police departments seized through civil asset forfeiture – usually without accusing, let alone convicting, the property owners of a crime – exceeded the value of property stolen by nongovernment burglars. The attorney general of New York, which reaps billions from gambling – casinos, off-track betting, the state lottery – moved to extinguish (competition from) fantasy football because it is gambling.

Hardee’s hires new ‘workers’ in response to higher minimum wages.

Steve Horwitz explores the shrinkage of America’s middle class.

David Henderson reflects on a new paper by my colleague David Levy and his long-time co-author Sandy Peart.

Test your knowledge of economic reality with Mark Perry.