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Jonah Goldberg reflects on Jane Mayer’s Dark Money – Mayer’s book on Charles and David Koch’s peaceful exercise of freedom of speech and thought and persuasion.  A slice:

How, then, are the Kochs members of the radical Right? They are pro-gay marriage. They favor liberal immigration policies. They are passionate non-interventionists when it comes to foreign policy. They are against the drug war and are spending a bundle on dismantling so-called “mass-incarceration” policies. They’ve never seized a national park at gunpoint.

They are [according to Mayer and other ‘Progressives’] members of the radical Right for the simple reason that they don’t like big government and spend money to make that case. Full disclosure: I’ve given paid speeches to some Koch-backed groups, despite the fact that I have my disagreements with the Kochs. They haven’t changed my mind, and I haven’t changed theirs. But the conversation continues.

And that’s their great sin. Liberals [statists] are constantly talking about how we need an “honest conversation” about race or guns or this or that. But what they invariably mean is, they want everyone who disagrees to shut up.

The historian Forrest McDonald has died.  (I especially enjoyed his books Novus Ordo Seclorum and The Phaeton Ride.)

Speaking of excellent and provocative writers who have died, the great Florence King passed away earlier this month.  Readers in search of a good introduction to King’s stimulating thought and utterly enjoyable writing style can begin here.  Although she wrote for National Review, King was no typical conservative.

What will householders in the U.S. do with all that leisure?!

Shikha Dalmia explains that the filth in the tap water in Flint, Michigan, is evidence of government failure.

Ron Bailey summarizes research into the open- (and closed-)mindedness of “liberals” (so-called) relative to that of conservatives.  The results will surprise “liberals” (so-called).

… speaking of which, see this cartoon posted on Bob Higgs’s Facebook page.