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The Trumpians’ Creed

An opinion common among supporters of Donald Trump (as well as, to be fair, among supporters of other candidates for political office in the U.S. who play the populist card) is the following, in my words:

America and Americans are the best!  The absolute, unquestionable best!  We’re special!  Our values, our work ethic, our strength, our endurance, our forthrightness, our goodness, our generosity, our insightfulness, our intelligence, our ingenuity, our courage, our toughness, our resilience, our business acumen, our work experience, our productivity, our prudence, our faith, our glorious history all make us second to none!  Leaders of the world!  Champions of humanity!  We are an historically off-the-charts great, accomplished, and blessed people.  We are natural winners!  But, of course, we’ll lose everything, and soon be reduced to pauperism, if Uncle Sam – who has lately been wimpy – continues to allow miserable, lazy, good-for-nuthin’ welfare-seeking foreigners to come here to work insufferably long hours at slave wages – and to allow other, equally crafty foreigners, whose economies have been wrecked by decades of un-American, communist rule, to offer to sell to us the likes of washing machines, jeans, and patio furniture at really low prices.  That’s why we need The Donald to protect us from this scourge – to protect our greatness – by Getting Tough!

UPDATE: As Steve Horwitz mentions in the comments, he makes a closely related point here.


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