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Trump Is An Enemy of Private Property Rights

I trust (and hope) that no regular patrons of Cafe Hayek are under the delusion that Donald Trump is a worthy candidate for political office.  Even by the pathetically low standards necessary, in reality, to be so “worthy,” Trump fails.  As far as I can discern from what he says, his knowledge of economics is no better than that of Bernie Sanders’s knowledge, and his respect for markets, for private property rights, and for individual liberty is equally as deficient as that of Sen. Sanders.  Yes, I’m serious and I’m not exaggerating.  (Yet I suspect that Trump is more unprincipled and even more agreeable to crony capitalists than is Sanders.)

To see this Trump bully in action, here’s an Institute for Justice video from 2011 – a video built around an interview that John Stossel did with Trump.  No one in his or her right mind can, after watching this video, believe that Donald Trump should be trusted with the power of a county file clerk, much less with the power of the U.S. presidency.