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Some Links

I am very sad to learn that Andrew Coulson has died.

My colleague Chris Coyne analyses the lobotomized brain of a defense hawk.  Here’s the abstract:

Economists model national defense as a pure public good optimally provided by a benevolent and omnipotent “defense brain” to maximize social welfare. I critically consider five assumptions associated with this view: (1) that defense and security is a pure public good that must be provided by a national government, (2) that state-provided defense is always a “good” and never a “bad”, (3) that the state can provide defense in the optimal quantity and quality, (4) that state expenditures on defense are neutral with respect to private economic activity, and (5) that state-provided defense activities are neutral with respect to domestic political institutions. I discuss an alternative framework—the “individualistic view”—for analyzing defense provision and suggest it is superior for understanding reality.

On a related note, David Henderson and Chad Seagren call for an end to all draft registration.

Do high-income Americans really not pay ‘their fair share’ of taxes?

Chelsea German and Marian Tupy explain that economic growth in Africa is being fueled by freedom and not by infrastructure.

Tyler Cowen’s next Conversation is with Nate Silver.

My Mercatus Center colleague Adam Millsap explains how the minimum wage increases taxpayers’ fiscal burden.