Amity Shlaes on One of the Few Decent Human Beings Ever to Be U.S. President

by Don Boudreaux on March 9, 2016

in History, Hubris and humility, Video

During Calvin Coolidge’s presidency, a man for whom my admiration is without bounds – H.L. Mencken – was highly critical of him.  But later, after Mencken witnessed the hubris and power-gluttony of the men who followed Coolidge in that office, Mencken’s opinion of Coolidge improved greatly.

As we approach an election that will bestow power on a person who is unprecedentedly, in the annals of American history, unfit to exercise power, it’s good to remember, with the help of Amity Shlaes, Calvin Coolidge – one of the few truly decent (if not perfect) men to hold the office of U.S. president.


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