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Some Links

Fradya Levin looks back nostalgically to the 1980s when New York Times editorial writers understood economics better than they understand it today.  Here’s Frayda’s closing:

It saddens me that The New York Times has abandoned the wisdom that it accepted less than 30 years ago [when it opposed minimum-wage legislation].  Just because the Grey Lady has forgotten the laws of economics doesn’t mean they no longer exist.  And the more she tries to break those laws, the more she’ll hurt the people she wants to help.

My brilliant young colleague Bryan Caplan explains the importance of common sense for scientific method.  Bryan’s post helps us to understand the naiveté of many researchers who self-confidently assert their faulty scientific creds by claiming to be more-data-driven-than-thou.

George Will likes baseball.

Doug Bandow argues that “less promiscuous intervention abroad is the surest means to limit terrorist attacks at home.

Tyler Cowen shares the New York Times‘s Eduardo Porter’s explanation of how NAFTA is a boon to the U.S. automobile industry.

Dan “Bulldog” Mitchell explains that ordinary Americans are much wealthier than are ordinary Europeans.

For trade geeks, here’s an important new paper by Cato’s K. William Watson.

GMU Econ PhD student Harrison Searles examines the atavism of Bernie Sanders.  (This essay by Harrison was Tweeted out by Jonathan Haidt!)  (HT Dan Klein)