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Some Links

Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson writes sensibly about the gender pay gap.

GMU Econ student Emily Washington writes about market urbanism.

Here’s part of an abstract of an interesting paper to which Tyler Cowen recently linked:

Notably, using the appropriate historical parameter values we were able to capture the historical dynamics of wealth inequality in the United States during the course of the 20th century. It is found that the effect of personal savings on wealth inequality is substantial, and its major decrease in the past 30 years can be associated with the current wealth inequality surge. In addition, the effect of increasing income tax, though naturally contributing to lowering income inequality, might contribute to a mild increase in wealth inequality and vice versa.

Kevin Grier identifies a major problem with modern macroeconomics.

Incoming GMU Econ PhD student Jon Murphy warns of unintended consequences.

I wish that the so-called ‘war on drugs’ were one of Richard Branson’s businesses.

I’m eager to read Randy Barnett’s new book, Our Republican Constitution.

A former McDonald’s executive warns that raising the minimum wage will destroy jobs for many entry-level workers.

Speaking of the minimum wage a cruel government policy of pricing many low-skilled workers out of jobs, this ReasonTV video reveals the gross economic ignorance that fuels the political success of minimum-wage legislation.


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