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Left Behind

On Saturday George Selgin sent the following note to me:

I just had the idea that you should launch a new annual award for the year’s outstanding socialist ignoramus, and call it the “Left Behind” award.

This morning, David Henderson informed me, in passing, by phone of this 2013 article on Hugo Chavez in Salon by David Sirota.  It’s entitled “Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle.”  Really; that’s the actual title.  And Sirota doesn’t mean it to be facetious.

David H. learned of this article from Bob Lawson’s Facebook page.  While I’ve known of Sirota for some time – see, for example, herehere and here – I’d forgotten just how poorly informed he is and how very bizarrely he reasons.

Considering the horrible if completely predictable Chavezian events in today’s Venezuela, Sirota’s praise for the policies of Chavez (which continue to be followed by Maduro) make Sirota a prime contender for the first annual “Left Behind” award.

(I wonder – seriously – if Sirota is embarrassed by what he wrote in 2013.  He should be.)


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