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Some Links

Sarah Skwire explains how the state and labor unions harm women.

Steve Landsburg proposes that politicians put their own money where their loud mouths are.

Ben Zycher argues – correctly – that “sustainability” is incoherent and, hence, dangerous.

Steve Horwitz’s list of “12 Articles Every Aspiring Economist Should Read” is excellent.  I would add to it, though, Armen Alchian’s 1959 masterpiece, “Costs and Outputs.”  (If obliged to eliminate one of the articles on Steve’s list in order to keep the number at 12, I’d – reluctantly – remove Ronald Coase’s “The Nature of the Firm.”  Alchian’s 1959 masterpiece, while nowhere nearly as influential as is Coase’s justly influential 1937 article on the nature of the firm, it is so good that I seize every opportunity that I can to plug it.)

Alan Reynolds offers five facts about the minimum wage.

Mark Perry highlights another market miracle.

Here’s part six of George Selgin’s important primer on monetary policy.