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Hillary Regina

The man or woman who trusts successful politicians is much worse than a fool, for fools damage only themselves with their poor decision-making and their distorted – often bizarrely so – perceptions of reality.  Instead, the man or woman who trusts successful politicians is a damnable public menace, for that trust gives politicians power not only over the fools who idiotically trust politicians but also over the rest of us who sensibly do not.  (Talk about a negative externality!)  I would not let this despicable, lying woman onto my property if she came to try to sell me a set of kitchen knives, but I’ll have no choice but to let her goons onto my property when they, under her command and wielding weapons far more lethal than knives, come to rule me.

Here you have it, folks (courtesy of my friends at Reason).  Politically powerful people are not subject to the same laws and diktats and norms of honesty and decency that the rest of us must abide by.  The politically successful and inordinately powerful – especially those who are fawned over as genius social-engineers by the likes of New York Times columnists and Ivy League professors of economics, law, and sociology –  are our rulers; we are their subjects (who are now told forthrightly, it must be admitted, that the politically successful play by different rules than we little people are obliged to obey).

Charles I’s headless ghost must sense especial annoyance this evening at the unfairness of it all.

P.S. I still believe that Hillary Regina poses less of a threat to American civilization than does the “bloviating ignoramus” Trump.


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