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by Don Boudreaux on July 5, 2016

in Creative destruction, Crony Capitalism, History, Immigration, Innovation, Law, Trade

John Tamny reports on creative destruction.  (John’s essay reminds me of one of my early columns in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review).

Mark Perry wishes Happy 86th Birthday to Thomas Sowell.

Larry Reed makes the case against protectionism.

Nima Sanandaji explains how free markets help to unleash women entrepreneurs’ creative powers.

GMU Econ alum Harrison Searles draws an important history lesson from ancient Rome.

David Henderson has friends with genuine, admirable bourgeois values.

Jim Gwartney praises free markets.

Daniel Bier posts what is my single favorite scene from any movie or t.v. show.  (Alas, the real Thomas More was not the saint portrayed in A Man for All Seasons.  The real Thomas More was more like the one portrayed in Wolf Hall.  Still, the scene from the 1966 movie is soaring.)


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