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Thomas Hutcheson’s Repeated Question Has Been Repeatedly Addressed

Commenting on this recent post, Thomas Hutcheson writes:

I would be more interested in you question to a proponent of a higher minimum wage whom you acknowledge accepts that some unemployment may result.

As it happens, I’ve addressed this very issue several times at Cafe Hayek (often directing my address expressly to Mr. Hutcheson).  Here’s my response, in the comments section of that same recent post, to Mr. Hutcheson:

Mr. Hutcheson: I written several posts on this very question.

Below are links to some of those posts. But also keep in mind that the case made publicly for the minimum wage almost never concedes that it will destroy some jobs. Until and unless politicians and pundits start trying to sell the minimum wage by admitting that it will destroy some jobs for low-skilled workers, it remains relevant to challenge the assertion that the minimum wage is all gain and no loss for such workers.

Here are a few links [to Cafe Hayek posts that address the question Mr. Hutcheson raises in his most-recent comment]: