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Some Links

David Henderson is right that Edward Conard is wrong about trade deficits.

George Will calls on Congress to impeach the IRS Commissioner – and, in doing so, help to rein in, if only a bit, the unlawful and tyrannical administrative state.

James Pethokoukis helps us to understand why there are so few European tech giants.  A slice:

One French tech entrepreneur has described America’s edge this way: “The confluence of a large pool of capital, world-class talent, vibrant support infrastructure, and a risk-loving culture has bred a self-fulfilling cycle of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Don’t skip over that bit about culture. A European Commission study found Europeans more skeptical of entrepreneurship than Americans, and possessing a higher level of uncertainty avoidance. The churn of American society — companies starting and dying, workers switching firms — is also key to America’s innovative capacity. In a new analysis, San Francisco Federal Reserve economist John Fernald notes that America’s “economic fluidity and dynamism” helps spread ideas throughout the private sector. It’s why Europe invested a lot in computers in the 1990s but never got a tech boom that boosted productivity, Fernald explains.

Bretigne Shaffer remembers 9/11.

Although he votes in political elections, Jeff Jacoby understands that there are many good reasons not to vote.

Dan Mitchell details some of the ways that state diktats allegedly designed to protect jobs actually destroy jobs.

Today is the 136 anniversary of the birth of H.L. Mencken.  Mark Perry celebrates.