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Quotation of the Day…

… from pages 80-81 of David Mamet’s 2011 book, The Secret Knowledge:

Socialism and “Social Justice” are a sort of Sunday religion, professed one day a week for many good and bad reasons, but suspended during and due to the pressures of the workweek….

My interest in politics began when I noticed that I acted differently than I spoke ….

Bravo for Mamet!

Talk is important, yet it is too often cheap for the talker.  The talker (whether playwright, politician, pundit, preacher, pope, professor, pupil, parent, or plain pedestrian) often says what the talker does not carefully consider.  It’s very easy to say almost anything, even if what you say contains little or no truth.  The talker makes himself or herself feel good by saying certain things – especially if many other people whom the talker admires also says those things.  And this good feeling generated in the talker when he or she says those things is seldom diminished if what he or she says is at odds with reality.


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